Our Community Services

Independent Living

Seniors who want to live independently but receive minimal assistance while being provided many socialization opportunities are what drive families to choose a Proveer community. We provide activities, amenities, and services that encourage active living for seniors while taking care of tasks like housekeeping, yard work, and maintenance.

Proveer Senior Living | Senior man using laptop on couch
Proveer Senior Living | Senior man walking with the help of medical professional

Assisted Living

The goal of engaging minds and enriching lifestyles is what drives assisted living in Proveer communities. Not only do we offer basic and more advanced assisted living services, but we also plan exciting and stimulating activities for residents that are unlike other communities’.

Memory Care

Under the Cherish Memory Care Program, residents living with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia experience fulfilling and personalized routines every day. We provide exceptional care centered on the individual and show genuine love for residents and their families.

Proveer Senior Living | Senior Women Smiling With Tea & a Tablet

Learn more about our varied living options for seniors.

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